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NTST550 Exegesis of the New Testament (English):James









Professor: Teresa Reeve
Date: November 3-7, 2013
Location: Columbia Union Conference Office


Course Description:

Because the Epistle of James speaks to an experienced Christian audience about a limited number of practical matters, it is often misunderstood. Many have accused James of being a legalistic letter advocating a kind of salvation by works, and Martin Luther called it an “epistle of straw.” Rightly understood, however, James offers valuable counsel that is just as pertinent today as it was in the 1st century. In this class we will dig deeply into the Epistle of James, building and refining our exegesis skills as we seek to interpret accurately James’  message.

  • This class will significantly enhance students’ ability to:
  • Know the primary tools for the exegesis of New Testament epistles;
  • Value and commit to doing careful exegesis in their own ministry;
  • Understand the historical context, purpose, and key themes of the epistle of James and how this information contributes to accurate exegesis;
  • Accurately exegete (interpret) any passage in James, seeking to hear the epistle’s message  as the 1st century believers would have understood it;
  • Apply the principles learned to their own lives and to the lives of those with whom they minister in the 21st century.


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Attendee List:

  1. Travis Afflick
  2. Inskip Allsop
  3. Karen Burke Bright
  4. Charles Brooks II 
  5. Keith Charles
  6. Milton Coronado
  7. Michael Cox
  8. Marleena Debrough
  9. Uzooma Erondu
  10. Shawn Fordham
  11. Sherry L. Hall
  12. Denise Hayden
  13. Darnel Marius
  14. Elvis Mogere
  15. Leandro Robinson
  16. Ludlow Rowe
  17. John Sconiers
  18. Louella Simmons
  19. Lillian Torres
  20. Winsome Wint