InMinistry MAPMin Class

 OTST570 - Readings in the English OT: Isaiah










Professor: Jiri Moskala
Date: November 10-14, 2013
Location: Southwestern Adventist University (Keene, TX)


Course Description:

MA in Pastoral Ministry (MAPMin) Program Learning Outcomes (PO)

  1. Demonstrate proper biblical interpretation skills and application of biblical teachings.
  2. Understand the historical-theological development of major SDA doctrines.
  3.  Prepare and deliver effective expository and prophetic sermons.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) The student should be able to:

  1. Engage in biblical and theological reflection as a basis for ministry.
  2. Present the faith with a Christocentric emphasis.
  3. Identify and apply basic tools of Old Testament exegesis as a foundation for sermon preparation.
  4. Outline of a section of the book of Isaiah.
  5. Preach a sermon on a chosen passage from the book of Isaiah.


Class Resources:

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Attendee List:

  1. Brian Burgess (CEU)
  2. Richard Castillo
  3. Kenrunne Dixon 
  4. Stephen Dennis
  5. Bonnie Hawkins-Jordan
  6. Karl Leukert
  7. Obed Matus
  8. Gladys Romero
  9. Victor Snead
  10. Mark Valadez
  11. Brandon Westgate