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THST626 - Modern Christian Theology










Professor: Darius Jankiewicz
Date: November 3-7, 2013
Location: Walla Walla University (College Park, WA)


Course Description:

Upon the completion of this course the students should:

1) Identify major theological trends in Christianity during the modern Christian era,

2) Know the teachings of key theologians and philosophers whose work will be discussed during the course,

3) Be familiar with a range of key theological terms, which constitute a necessary technical theological vocabulary, and

4) Display an understanding of the doctrinal/theological controversies that impacted the Christian Church during the period covered by this course and be able to relate these issues to current understandings.


Course Resources:

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Attendee List:

  1. Roger Anderson (CEU)
  2. Greg Brothers (CEU)
  3. Nathaniel Eastman
  4. Todd Ervin
  5. David Glenn
  6. Eric Koester
  7. Michael Mattzela
  8. Richard New
  9. Becki Rogers(CEU)
  10. John Stanton
  11. Ron Sydney
  12. Sharon Terrrel