InMinistry MAPMin Class

THST647 - Human Nature and Destiny

Professor: Miroslav M. Kiš
Date: November 10-14, 2013
Location: Forest Lake SDA Church, Apopka, FL. (MAPMin classes will no longer be offered in the state of Tennessee.)  


Class Synopsis:

The Christian message confronts the world with the image of a true human identity.  It is not a negative self-annihilating message of Eastern mysticism, nor a utopia of liberalism.  A human being is a priceless speck of dust of the ground, made in the image of God; a blade of grass whom God cherishes as the apple of His eye (Deuteronomy 32:10).  But humans are rebels, slaves to themselves and their consequences.  The story of the liberation of humans from themselves is the story of redemption.

Class Objectives:

- To examine different views of human nature throughout the history of theology.
- To establish as closely as possible the biblical picture of the original nature.
- To chart the biblical view of human destiny and the way of realizing this destiny.
- To clarify as much as possible the importance and content of such traditional Christian doctrines as the sin against the Holy Spirit, original sin, the fall, Imago Dei, immortality, and the  resurrection.

Class Resources:

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Atendee List:

  1. Angeline Accoh
  2. Daniel Bran
  3. James Coleman
  4. Mark Ewen
  5. Richard Halversen
  6. Anderson Ramos
  7. RIcky Wade
  8. Johnny Williams
  9. Brian Yensho