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CHIS625 - Seminar in Church State Thought

Professor: Nicolas Miller
Date: April 14-18, 2013
Location:  Forest Lake SDA Church, Forest City, FL

Course Description

This seminar will explore the reformation foundations, post-reformation historical development, and the American legal context of religious liberty and church/state relations.  It will do so in the context of Adventist theological concerns, especially the priesthood of believers and the sanctuary doctrine.  The course will involve book reviews/critiques, a final written exam, and a post-intensive practical component where students will draft letters, petitions or other advocacy documents for actual submission to newspapers, web pages, or public officials in relation to current issues of church and state.


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Student List Updated: 3/20/2013

1. Ricky Wade

2. Richard Halversen

3. Louella Simmons

4. Brian Yensho

5. Mark Ewen

6. Winsome Wint

7. Travis Claybrooks

8. Marion Johnson, Jr.

9. Nicolas Louis

10. James Coleman

11. Johnny Williams