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CHMN623 - Innovative Evangelism

Professor: Joseph Kidder
Date: April 7-11, 2013
Location: Forest Lake SDA Church, Apopka, FL

Course Description

The course will seek to stimulate new ideas for evangelizing population groups that may be difficult to reach with more traditional methods, as well as broadening the means by which people might be attracted to the gospel. This may involve a review of unique approaches that have been tried by others as well as the development of original plans by students.


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Student List Updated: 3/20/2013

1. Ricky Wade

2. Brian Yensho

3. Mark Ewen

4. Louella Simmons

5. Travis Claybrooks

6. Marion Johnson, Jr.

7. Walter Gordon

8. Nicolas Louis

9. James Coleman

10. Johnny Williams

11. Richard Halversen