InMinistry MAPMin Class

CHMN637 - Seminar in Preaching

Professor: Hyveth Williams
Date: April 7-11, 2013
Location: North Pacific Union Conference Office, Ridgefield, WA

Course Description

An advanced preaching course emphasizing such topics as homiletical theory, history of preaching, persuasion, current preaching trends and models, and experimental preaching techniques.Students will: A) Become familiar with contemporary literature in homiletics, B) Discover and use the literary forms of the Bible in sermon preparation and delivery, C) Understand preaching definitions, styles and delivery methods, and D) Discover and develop the art of prophetic preaching.

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Student List Updated: 3/20/2013

1. David Glenn

2. Philip Tse

3. Quentin Purvis

4. James M. John

5. Dan Cole

6. Randy Maxwell

7. Todd Ervin

8. Aleksandra Tanurdzic

9. Alex Harter

10. Lynette Schenkel

11. Tim McMillen