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 MSSN546 - Ministry in Cultural & Religious Context







Professor: Rudi Maier
Date: April 7-11, 2013
Location: Southeastern California Conference Office (Riverside, CA)


The Focus of this Course:

This course does not aim to describe any particular culture or system in society; it is rather a collection of basic social science concepts and principles that hold for all cultures, but especially for religious phenomena in them.

"Know thyself!" is a maxim particularly applicable to anyone engaged in activities outside his or her own cultural environment.  One of the main assignments will be to see oneself as a player not only in society, but also as a member in one's own congregation.

The course Ministry in Cultural & Religious Context does not attempt to cover the entire field of anthropological and sociological knowledge and skills that might prove useful for mission and ministry.  It will provide students with a number of tools which hopefully will be useful for them, to learn to understand themselves as well as the society as a whole, and their particular communities--inside as well as outside the church.


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Student List Updated: 3/20/13

1. Luis Camps

2. Valencio Robinson

3. Jorge Larrondo

4. Elizer Sacay