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NTST550 Exegesis of the English New Testament: Parables










Professor: Robert Johnston
Date: April 14-18, 2013
Location: Mid-America Union, Lincoln, NE

Course Description:

The primary objectives of this class are to:

Acquaint the student with the historical background and setting, literary design, and the basic structure of the book of Revelation.
Enable the student to develop workable hermeneutical tools for study and meaningful   interpretation of Revelation's theological ideas.
Assist the student to get a broad-based knowledge of the contents and theology of Revelation from the historicist perspective of prophetic interpretation and with a Christ-centered emphasis.

Secondary objectives include:

Assist the student to develop the ability for original thinking and critical judgment.
Enable the student use the class material for preaching and teaching.

Course Resources:


Student List Updated: 3/20/2013

1. :1. James McCurdy

2. Asnel Valcin

3. Antonio Lopez

4. Jeff Scoggins

5. Alex Harter

6. Joseph Perricellia

7. Ray Kelch

8. Steven Carlson

9. Rob Alfalah

10. Nathan Skaife

11. Hiram Rester