InMinistry MAPMin Class

OTST570 - Readings in the OT (English): 1st & 2nd Kings

Professor: Alexej Muran
Date: April 7-11, 2013
Location: Northern New England Conference Office - Westbrook, ME (Major re-location required!!)

Course Description

Covers selected books/passages of the Old Testament, based primarily on the English text with reference to the Hebrew/Aramaic original, normally offered off campus for the MA Min students and others who have not taken Hebrew.  While the written corpus of the Old Testament contains stories, laws, ethical reflections and prophecies, it is in the Psalms that God’s people bring their stories, their successes and failures, their reflections on law and ethics and their hope for the future together in worship before God.  For that reason the Psalms hold a central place in finding lasting meaning with in the Old Testament.  And for that reason they continue to influence personal devotion and corporate worship of God’s people today. 



Directions would be to take 95 N to Exit 48.  Continue through the light to the next light (car dealership on left, McDonalds on right).  Turn right.  Continue a short ways until you come to a split in the road.  You will get in the left lane and proceed left around the Rite Aid and then go straight.  The office is right after the Maine Medical building on the right - # 479 ~ a long white building.


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Student List Updated: 3/20/2013

1. Sharon Terrell

2. Rohan Simpson

3. Mark LaVertue

4. Jeffrey Abatayo

5. Myungyoon Huh

6. Nathan Skaife

7. Anderson Ramos

8. Cornel Preda

9. Michael Mattzela