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OTST 520 - Introduction to Old Testament Theology









Professor: Eriks Galenieks
Date: July 7-11, 2013
Location: Andrews University Berrien Springs, MI

The primary objectives of this class are to:

  • Assess the importance of the study of Old Testament theology for the pastor and his ministry.
  • Integrate the contents of Old Testament theology with personal experience and make a practical application of class materials and personal research to pastoral ministry.

Secondary objectives include:

  • Survey the historical path of Old Testament theology
  • Analyze the nature of Old Testament theology, with particular attention to crucial issues in recent discussion (method, relationship to history, the center of the Old Testament, the relationship between the Testaments, etc.).
  • Develop procedures for doing Old Testament theology.
  • Examine distinctive theological concepts of selected Old Testament books.
  • Trace major theological themes through the whole Old Testament.

Class Resources:


Attendee List (Updated 6-13-13):

1. Jeffrey Abatayo

2. Obed Matus

3. Philip Tse

4. Mark Valadez

5. Will Labrenz

6. Michael Mattzela

7. Richard Figueredo

8. James Coleman

9. Gladys Romero

10. Richard New

11. Alex Harter

12. Eugene Kitney

13. Mark Ewen

14. Anderson Torres Ramos

15. Mark LaVertue

16. Danny Parada