MA in Pastoral Ministry

THST 695 Sanctuary Doctrine








Professor: Jiří Moskala
Date: November 3-6, 2014 (Mon-Thurs)
Location: Forest Lake Seventh-Day Adventist Church - Apopka, Florida

Course Description

This course deals with selected themes and will be a study of the earthly and heavenly sanctuaries with special emphasis on the books of Leviticus, Daniel, Hebrews and Revelation.  It investigates the drama of the ages: the Lord at work in His sanctuary, revealing His character and His presence with human beings, and progressively restoring them to life and full intimacy with Him. Thus the course is about salvation by grace through faith within the context of the Great Controversy.  

Class Resources:

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Pre-Intensive Course Materials:

  1. Christ Entry, R. Davidson
  2. Cosmic Metanarrative, R Davidson
  3. Inauguration or Day of Atonement, R. Davidson
  4. Philosophical Foundations, F. Canale
  5. Role of Hebrew Cultus, J. Paulien
  6. The Gospel According to God's Judgment, J. Moskala
  7. Toward A Theology of Judgement, J. Moskala
  8. Typology & Levitical System - 1, R. Davidson
  9. Typology & Levitical System - 2, R. Davidson

Student Attendee List:

  1. Daniel Bran
  2. Pierre E. Charles
  3. Richard Figueredo
  4. Gerald S. Fuentes
  5. Richard Halversen
  6. Nicole Parker
  7. Barry St. Clair
  8. Adam Ramdin
  9. Theophilus Roberts
  10. Dennis Ross
  11. Winston Taylor