MA in Pastoral Ministry

CHIS 674 - Development of SDA Theology








Professor: Merlin BUrt
Date: March 16-20, 2014
Location: Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, Texas (This class will meet in Evans Hall Room #4).  

Course Description:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will:
1.  Know the historical theological development of major SDA doctrines
2.  Understand the various stages of Adventist theology since its inception
3.  Be familiar with the historical context that gave rise to Adventist theology
4.  Provide an understanding of the contemporary theology tensions in Adventism in light of their historical roots

Upon successful completion of this course the student will:
1.  Learn the Adventist hermeneutics that undergirds its theology
2.  Read, understand and critique primary sources of Adventist theology
3.  Research, evaluate and analyze major theological ideas of Adventism.

Upon successful completion of this course the student will:
1.  Foster an attitude towards Adventism that is both courteous and critical.
2.  Value the significance of Adventist theology to the mission of the church.
3.  Appreciate the work of the founders of Adventism and their role in establishing the theology of the church
4.  Commit to emulate the spirit of the founders of Adventism in advancing the work of Gospel.


Class Resources:

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Extra Materials: Source Syllabus and Merlin Burt's Dissertation

The textbook can be purchased at a cost of $30.00 payable via cash, check or credit card.  Contact Heidi Magesa at; or call (269) 471-3209 to order a copy. 

Attendee List:

  1. Wirmin Alcantara
  2. Stephen Carlile
  3. Richard Castillo
  4. Harly Charles
  5. Andre Conclaves
  6. Stephen Dennis
  7. Rodney Garcia
  8. Jonathan E. McCottry Sr.
  9. Victoriano Parilla
  10. Gladys Romero
  11. John Stanton
  12. Mark Valadez
  13. Ricky Wade
  14. Brandon Westgate