MA in Pastoral Ministry

MSSN561 - Christian Witness & World Religions







Professor: Emmanuel Takyi, DMin 
Date: March16-20, 2014
Location: North Pacific Union Conference Office, Ridgefield, Washington

Course Description:

As a result of this course I expect students to:


Comfortable and at ease when mixing with adherents of other world religions
World Christians engaged in Great Commission activities among the world religions


The religious demographics within the student’s home or work context
The resources, methods, and skills needed to study world religions
The challenges presented by the world religions to Christian witness
The general beliefs and practices of five world religious systems


Develop skills for apologetic dialogue with adherents of other religions by being able to discern the reasons, motives, and instincts that inspire people of different religious beliefs
Address in depth one theological-missiological issue involving one of the religions that includes the development of a strategy that is effective in communicating the gospel to them


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Attendee List:

  1. Kenneth Todd Ervin
  2. Jonathan Hayasaka
  3. Ross Keys
  4. Randy Maxwell
  5. Robert McNabb
  6. Richard New
  7. Quentin Purvis
  8. Maxim Safonov