MA in Pastoral Ministry

DSRE 534 Ministry to Youth and Young Adults








Professor: Allan Walshe
Date: January 19-23, 2014
Location: Andrews Unversity (Berrien Springs, Michighan)

Course Description:

The primary objectives of this class are:

1. The student will understand spiritual growth in the context of transformational youth ministry. The student will grow in their own personal relationship with Jesus as they faithfully and thoughtfully consider the needs and opportunities of ministering to/with young people.
2. The student will understand and be able to apply a successful model for ministry to youth and young adults in a local church setting.
3. The student will discuss Biblical, responses to identifiable current issues in Adventist youth and young adult ministry.

Secondary objectives include:

4. The student will consider models of ministry to youth and young adults as well as traditional Adventist programming and values transmission.
5. The student will, within a group context, conduct research on a current issue in Adventist youth and young adult ministry.
6. The student will understand the methodological implications of the class process.
7. The student will take part in a classroom environment of shared dialogue and experience one that prizes honest reflection and respect for the feelings and beliefs of fellow colleagues.

Class Resources:

Location Information 

The textbook for Building Youth Ministry only for the DSRE534 is available at a cheaper price at Hancock Center Publications Riverside California. To reserve your copy please contact

Attendee List:

  1. Richard Figueredo
  2. Anderson Ramos
  3. Israel Ramos
  4. William Richardson
  5. Gladys Romero
  6. Aleksandra Tanurdzic
  7. Ricky Wade
  8. Ernest J. Wolf