MA in Pastoral Ministry

CHMN526 Conflict Management in the Church








Professor: Stanley E. Patterson, PhD
Date: July 6-10, 2014
Location: Andrews University (Seminary, Rm N150) Berrien Springs, MI

Course Description:

This course provides biblical resources and contemporary research regarding the creative management of differences in the church. It explores how change may be introduced in the church, and seeks to equip students with the skills required for effective, creative conflict ministry, including mediation and arbitration.

Please Note

  • This course will be video recorded for use in a distance learning context. Your preparation or lack thereof may be reflected in the video.
  • Groups of students will lead the book discussions which will be video recorded. An essential preparation for the class is completion of the pre-intensive assigned reading which is necessary if you are to effectively lead the book discussions. 
  • Your grade will be impacted if texts are not read and supported by submission of your reflective journal by July 6. No exceptions for late registration.

Class Resources:

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Location Information

Student Attendee List:

  1. Jonathan Cobb ( MDiv) 
  2. Virgo Belizaire
  3. Diego Boquer
  4. Jonathan Cross
  5. Mark Ewen
  6. Paulette Heinlein (MDiv Equivalency)
  7. James M. John
  8. Edwin Mendoza (MDiv) 
  9. Hiram Rester
  10. Ricky Wade
  11. Ernest Wolf