MA in Pastoral Ministry

OTST 520 - Introduction to Old Testament Theology








Professor: Jiří Moskala
Date: July 14-17, 2014 (Mon- Thurs)
Location: Andrews University, (Seminary Rm N150) Berrien Springs, MI

Course Description

Introduction of Old Testament theology. Distinctive theological concepts of selected books and major theological themes of the whole Old Testament from the perspective of Christian faith. Normally offered off-campus for the MA Ministry students and others who have not taken Hebrew. Not applicable for MDiv credit.

MAPMIN Learning Outcomes:

  1. Analyze the nature of OT theology, with particular attention to crucial issues in recent discussion (methodology, relationship to history, the center of the OT, the relationship between the Testaments, etc.).
  2. Examine distinctive theological concepts of selected OT books.
  3. Trace major theological themes through the whole OT.

The student should be able to:

  1. Integrate the contents of OT Theology with personal experience.
  2. Make a practical application of class materials and personal research to pastoral ministry.

Class Resources

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Student List:

  1. Nancy Allen (MDiv Equivalency)
  2. Diego Boquer
  3. Elina N. Camarena
  4. Tony Cash
  5. Pierre Emmanuel Charles
  6. Jonathan Cross
  7. Marleena Debrough
  8. Jose Diaz
  9. Mark  Ewen
  10. Yves Francis
  11. Sherry Hall
  12. Margaret Howell
  13. Ronald Knott
  14. Karl Leukert
  15. Jonathan McCottry
  16. Otavio McKenzie
  17. Timothy McMillen
  18. Elisabeth Parent
  19. Nicole Parker
  20. Cornel Preda
  21. Quentin Purvis
  22. Israel Ramos
  23. Theophilus Roberts
  24. Fernando Rossi
  25. Jeff Scoggins
  26. Pierre Seide
  27. Nate Skaife
  28. Louella Simmons
  29. Elliot Smith
  30. John Stanton
  31. John Stone
  32. Winston Taylor
  33. Jerrold Thompson
  34. Carol Hurley Turk
  35. Johnny Williams
  36. Winsome Wint
  37. Ernest Wolf
  38. Brian Yensho