M.A. in Pastoral Ministry

 ANEA 510 Archaeolgy and the Bible








Professor: Paul Gregor
Date: November 1-5, 2015
Location: Columbia Union Conference Office, Columbia, Maryland

Course Description:

The assembling of archaeological and ancient textual material which, interpreted from the philosophical viewpoint of the Bible, emphasizes the accuracy and authenticity of the Scripture. A study of cultures, customs, languages, and rituals that throw light on the statements of God’s Word.

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Student Attendee List:

  1. Don Adams ( MDiv.E)
  2. Inskip Allsop
  3. Virgo Belizaire
  4. Charles Brooks
  5. Serge B. Cadet
  6. Clayton Charles
  7. Pierre Emmanuel Charles
  8. Michael Cox
  9. Michael W. Dyson
  10. Uzooma Erondu
  11. Jimmie Gibson
  12. Lisa Green
  13. Denise Hayden
  14. Edward Jackson
  15. Bledir Larivaux
  16. Gerardo Lopez
  17. Darnel Marius
  18. Michael Mirra
  19. Elvis Mogoi
  20. Eduardo Monteiro
  21. Andrew Philbert
  22. Hiram Rester
  23. Brenda Rhyne
  24. Valencio Robinson
  25. Ludlow Rowe
  26. Marilyn Scott
  27. Pierre Seide
  28. Andrew Shurtliff
  29. Lillian Torres
  30. Roy Weeden
  31. Carlyle Wildman