M.A. in Pastoral Ministry

CHMN 523 Worship: Word and Music

Professor: Nicholas Zork
Date: November 1-5, 2015
Location: Burman University/College Heights Seventh-day Church, Alberta, Canada

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to the theological vision and practices of Christian worship and worship music. It focuseson pastoral leadership in worship ministry and the central issues involved in effective worship leading and planning. Within the broader context of worship ministry, special emphasis is placed on music’s role in diverse worship contexts.

This course also explores the theology of worship and the interrelatedness of preaching, music, worship environment and other elements of corporate worship. Various worship styles and practices are considered and principles are presented that guide worship within local contexts.

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Pre- Reading Articles: 

  1. Doukhan, J. - How and Why We Worship
  2. Doukhan, L. - Historical Perspectives
  3. Doukhan, L. - Joy and Reverence
  4. Doukhan, L. - Music in the Bible
  5. Fortin - EGW's Theology of Worship and Liturgy
  6. Stout - Dictionary Article on SDA Worship

Student Attendee List:

  1. Joseph Amankwah
  2. David K Chimwaso
  3. Olaf Clausen
  4. Alison Down
  5. Shawn Ellis
  6. Roger Esteves
  7. Myles Gillespie
  8. Eyitwoyo Lawel Natufe
  9. Jerry Logan
  10. Fitzroy Radlein
  11. Evaldo Vicente Silva
  12. Larry Weidell
  13. Toby Wong