M.A. in Pastoral Ministry

CHMN 637 - Seminars in Preaching








Professor: Hyveth Williams
Date: October 11-15, 2015
Location: Ortner Center - Union College, Lincoln Nebraska

Course Description

An advanced preaching course emphasizing such topics as homiletical theory, history of preaching, persuasion, current preaching trends and models, and experimental preaching techniques.

Participants in CHMN637 Seminar in Preaching will learn how to develop solid biblical sermons that are both authentically biblical and relevant to the target audience. Deliver sermons in a way that connects with and impacts the audience. Discover the pastor’s vital role in shaping worship and the role of preaching in big picture worship.

Students Learning Outcomes:

  1. Become familiar with contemporary literature in homiletics,
  2. Discover and use the literary forms of the Bible in sermon preparation and delivery
  3. Understand preaching definitions, styles and delivery methods
  4. Discover and develop the art of prophetic preaching

Class Resources:

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Course Syllabus 
Location Information

Student Attendee List:

  1. Rob Alfalah
  2. Joseph Bates
  3. Enock Bouzy
  4. Marie Bouzy
  5. DeeAnn Bragaw
  6. Greg Bullion
  7. Steve Carlson
  8. Gary Collins
  9. Michael W. Dyson
  10. Francois Erasmus
  11. Fredrick L. Grant
  12. Richard Kurtz
  13. Karen Lewis
  14. Antonio Lopez
  15. Mark Magnusson
  16. Bellamy McKenzie
  17. Otavio McKenzie
  18. Andrew Shurtliff
  19. Louella Simmons (MDiv.E)
  20. Milos Tomic
  21. Lilia N. Torres
  22. Jana Thurber
  23. Carol Hurley Turk
  24. Cirilo  Vazquez
  25. James Venegas
  26. Johnny Williams (MDiv.E)
  27. Jorge Zeyala