M.A. in Pastoral Ministry

THST 695 Sanctuary Doctrine








Professor: John Peckham
Date: October 11-15, 2015
Location: Atlantic Union - White Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church, Portland, Maine

Course Description:

This course deals with themes related to the doctrine of the Sanctuary in the context of Seventh-day Adventist theology, including study of the earthly and heavenly sanctuaries with special emphasis on the books of Leviticus, Daniel, Hebrews, and Revelation.

Class Resources:

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Course Syllabus
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Pre Intensive Reading Articles:

  1. Rodriguez, “God’s Presence”
  2. Davidson, “Typology and the Levitical System,” part 1
  3. Davidson. "Typology and the Levitical System." part 2
  4. Rodriguez, “The Sanctuary and Its Cleansing”
  5. Davidson, “Christ’s Entry”
  6. Davidson, “Inauguration”
  7. Paulien, “Role of the Hebrew Cultus”
  8. Davidson, “Covenant Lawsuit”
  9. Davidson: “Cosmic Metanarrative”
  10. Canale, “Philosophical Foundations”
  11. Peckham, “Does God Always Get What He Wants?
  12. Moskala, “Toward a Theology of Judgment"

Student Attendee List:

  1. Joseph Amankwah
  2. Achille Antoine
  3. Edward Bryan
  4. James L Coleman Jr.
  5. Jonathan Cross
  6. Lee Lee Dart (Guest Student)
  7. Richardson Desire (Guest Student)
  8. Jean Faddy Semerzier
  9. Dennis Farley
  10. Edward Jackson 
  11. Anthony Orville James
  12. Elis Joseph
  13. Darnel Marius
  14. Richard Norris
  15. James O'Connor
  16. Sem Omeler
  17. Dorrin Patillo
  18. Andrew Philbert
  19. Cornel Preda
  20. Ludlow Rowe