MA in Pastoral Ministry

ANEA 510  Archaeology and the Bible








Professor: Randall Younker
Date: March 8-12, 2015
Location: Canadian University College, Alberta - Canada

Course Description:

The assembling of archaeological and ancient textual material which, interpreted from the philosophical viewpoint of the Bible, emphasizes the accuracy and authenticity of the Scripture. A study of cultures, customs, languages, and rituals that throw light on the statements of God’s Word.

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Student Attendee List:

  1. Joseph Amankwah
  2. David K. Chimwaso
  3. Olaf Clausen
  4. Alison Down
  5. Shawn Ellis
  6. Roger Esteves
  7. Eric Koester
  8. Jerry Logan
  9. Elmer Manzanares-Marenco
  10. Fitzroy Radlein
  11. Neil Tagarao
  12. Evaldo Vicente Silva