MA in Pastoral Ministry

DSRE 534 Ministry to Youth and Young Adults








Professor: Allan Walshe
Date: March 29 - April 2, 2015
Location: Columbia Union Office, Columbia, Maryland

Course Description:

This course is designed to acquaint students with the opportunities for ministry to and with young people in the church, school and home. The biblical principles of youth and young adult ministry, within the context of the church community, are given primary emphasis.

Students will have an in-depth study from a pastoral perspective of selected issues having to do with the spiritual development of youth and young adults from fourteen to twenty five years of age.

A major feature of this class will be a small group model that teaches people how to enrich their devotional life with God.This model works well with youth and young adults but is also suitable for old church members.This class is specifically designed to help church Pastors minister to their young adults and youth.

This course offers access to a textbook that is out of print. A PDF copy of the textbook will be posted on the Learning Hub (a.k.a Moodle) and made available to students on the first day of class. The professor will have instructions on how to access it then. Many thanks for your patience. 

Class Resources:

Reservation Form (The reservation period is closed for this class, thank you).
Course Syllabus (Revised)
Location Information

Student Attendee List

  1. Luis Biazotto
  2. Diego Boquer
  3. Enock Bouzy
  4. Marie Bouzy
  5. Serge B. Cadet
  6. Michael Cox 
  7. Stefan  Dinu
  8. Shawn Fordham
  9. Lisa Green
  10. Carolyn Henry-Hurst
  11. William Koomson
  12. Timothy D. Lee
  13. Gerardo Lopez
  14. Easton Marks
  15. Frida Juliana Marson
  16. Elvis Mogoi
  17. Ainsworth Montoute
  18. Elaine Nieves
  19. Adam Ramdin
  20. Marilyn Scott
  21. Pierre Seide 
  22. Charity Stone
  23. Tom Stone
  24. Carlyle Wildman