MA in Pastoral Ministry

DSRE 541 - Foundations of Biblical Spirituality








Professor: Joseph Kidder
Date: March 15-19, 2015
Location: Canadian University College, Alberta - Canada

Course Description:

The study and practice of biblical spirituality designed to lead students to experience and communicate the practices of personal faith and discipleship.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Reflect on their relationship with God
  2. Identify their present devotional needs—based on their temperament and interests, the nature of learning, and areas of their life where growth is needed;
  3. Practice skillfully basic Christian spiritual disciplines
  4. Participate effectively in spiritual retreats and small groups for spiritual growth and accountability

Class Resources:

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Course Syllabus
Location Information

Student Attendee List:

  1. Angelo Austria
  2. David K. Chimwaso
  3. Olaf Clausen
  4. Francis Douville
  5. Alison Down
  6. Shawn Ellis
  7. Roger Esteves
  8. Jerry Logan
  9. Elmer Manzanares-Marenco
  10. Fitzroy Radlein
  11. Neil Tagarao