MA in Pastoral Ministry

THST 627 Roman Catholic Life & Thought 








Professor: Darius Jankiewicz
Date: March 8-12, 2015
Location: Mid-America Union Office, Lincoln Nebraska

Course Description

This is an introductory course in Roman Catholic theology that follows a thematic approach to the subject matter and is conducted in dialogue with Scripture and Seventh-day Adventism.  During this course students will be exposed to the issues relating to the structure of Roman Catholicism, its beliefs, worship practices and social endeavors. The issues surrounding the calling of the Second Vatican Council, as well as its importance and aftermath, will also be explored.

Through various class activities, as well as the examination of primary and secondary Catholic literature, students will be encouraged to think in theological terms and articulate their thoughts on a variety of theological themes in Roman Catholicism. Students will also experience a Roman Catholic worship service and learn how to personally relate to Roman Catholic beliefs and practices. It is my hope that this class will help students to understand their Catholic neighbors and to contextualize the Adventist message to their needs.

Class Resources

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Student List:

  1. Diego Boquer
  2. James Coleman Jr
  3. Gary Colins
  4. Richard Kurtz
  5. Carol Hurley Turk
  6. Antonio Lopez
  7. Bellamy McKenzie
  8. Otavio McKenzie
  9. Kevin Robert 
  10. Edrey Santos
  11. Jeff Scoggins
  12. Nathan Skaife
  13. Ruben Rivera
  14. C. Willy Vazquez
  15. James Venegas
  16. Jorge Zelaya