M.A. in Pastoral Ministry

NTST 550 Exegesis of  the English New Testament: Parables









Professor: Robert Johnston
Date: July 19-23, 2015
Location: Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI 49104 (Chan Shun Building Room)

Course Description:

A study of the nature, background, and interpretation of the parables of Jesus recorded in the gospels. 

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Know the nature of parables.
  2. Know the importance of parables in the teaching of Jesus and the theology of the Gospels.
  3. Know the history of interpretation of the parables.
  4. Understand sound methods of interpretation and ability to apply them.
  5. Be able to move from exegesis to sermon.
  6. Be familiar with the parables themselves.
  7. Be able to apply the teachings of the parables to your own life and the life of the church.
  8. Appreciate the relationships among the Gospels.
  9. Understand how Ellen White’s use and application of the parables relate to scholarly exegesis.

Course Resources:

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Student Attendee List:

  1. Angeline Accoh
  2. Nancy Allen(MDiv.E)
  3. Virgo Belizaire 
  4. Rob Benardo
  5. Diego Boquer
  6. Clayton Charles
  7. Mark Ewen
  8. Richard Figueredo
  9. Elwyn Hyde
  10. Ron Knott
  11. William Koomson
  12. Bledir Larivaux
  13. Michael Mattzela
  14. Darnel Marius
  15. Michael  Mirra
  16. Ainsworth Montoute
  17. Elisabeth Parent
  18. Nicole Parker
  19. June Price
  20. Brenda Rhyne
  21. Kevin Robert
  22. Gladys Romero
  23. Dan Ross
  24. David Shin (MDiv.E)
  25. Andrew Shurtliff
  26. Aleksandra Tanurdzic
  27. Cirilo W Vazquez
  28. Gillian Webster
  29. Francis Yves