MA. in Pastoral Ministry

CHMN 543 - Christian Leadership in a Changing World

Professor: Boubakar Sanou
Date: January 10-14, 2016
Location: Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan

Course Description:

Explores biblical and theological principles of Christian leadership, organizational theory, and systems thinking applicable to the church. Seeks to instill in students servant leadership qualities. Additionally, it facilitates growth in administrative areas such as strategic planning, managing change, finance, Christian education, and conflict management.

Class Resources:

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 Student Attendee List:

  1. Inskip Allsop
  2. Kaylene Chadwick
  3. Richardson Desire
  4. Shawn Ellis
  5. Jacob Gibbs
  6. Jon Holland
  7. Peter Iwankiw
  8. Justin Kim
  9. Darrel le Roux
  10. Antonio Lopez
  11. Darnel Marius
  12. Daniel McGrath
  13. Kent Nichols
  14. Israel Ramos
  15. Brenda Rhyne
  16. William Richardson
  17. Jay Rosario 
  18. Andrew Schurtliff
  19. Pierre Seide
  20. Rodney Thompson
  21. Lillian Torres
  22. Melody Wallace
  23. Gillian Webster
  24. Carlyle Wildman
  25. EJ Wolf