M.A. in Pastoral Ministry

THST 678 Science and Religion








Professor: John T. Baldwin
Date: January 17-21, 2016
Location: Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan

Course Description:

This course offers an investigation of:

  1. The biblical teaching regarding Creation and the Flood with the spiritual implications of both;
  2. A study of the history of major hinge moments in the development of deep-time evolutionary geology and biology;
  3. A study of and response to the theological and scientific challenges presented to the Seventh-day Adventist understanding of origins and the Flood.

Class Resources:

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Student Attendee List:

  1. Inskip Allsop
  2. DeeAnn Bragaw
  3. Steven Carlson
  4. Kaylene Chadwick
  5. Clayton Charles
  6. Shawn Ellis
  7. Jacob Gibbs
  8. Jimmie Gibson
  9. Ron Hart
  10. Jon Holland
  11. Peter Iwankiw
  12. Eric Koester
  13. Ron Knott
  14. Anthony Orville James
  15. Nicolas Louis (MDivE)
  16. Darrel Le Roux
  17. Daniel McGrath
  18. Kent Nichols
  19. Richard Norris 
  20. Luis B. Peguero (CEU)
  21. Mateo Ramirez
  22. Israel Ramos
  23. Brenda Rhyne
  24. William Richardson
  25. Kevin Robert
  26. Jay Rosario 
  27. Andrew Schurtliff
  28. Nathan Skaife
  29. Aleksandra Tanurdzic
  30. Jarod Thomas
  31. Rodney Thompson
  32. Gillian Webster
  33. Carlyle Wildman
  34. EJ Wolf