MA in Pastoral Ministry

CHIS 674 Development of SDA Theology






Professor: Denis Kaiser
Date: March 13-17, 2016
Location: Piedmont Seventh-day Adventist Church, 4801 A St, Lincoln, NE 68510

Course Description:

The history and development of Seventh-day Adventist theology from the 1840s to the present, with emphasis on doctrines such as the Sabbath, sanctuary, conditional immortality, eschatology, covenants, Christology, and righteousness by faith. 

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Studen Attendee List:

  1. Joseph Bates
  2. Shelina Bonjour
  3. DeeAnn Bragaw
  4. Greg Bullion
  5. Gary Collins
  6. Lee Lee Dart (CEU)
  7. Carol  Hurley Turk
  8. Richard Kurtz
  9. Mark Magnusson
  10. James McCurdy
  11. Michelle Mota Larivaux (MDiv)
  12. Milos Tomic
  13. Jana Thurber
  14. Jorge Zelaya