MA in Pastoral Ministry

NTST 567 Theology the English New Testament: Ecclesiology









Professor: Robert Johnston
Date: March 20-24, 2016
Location: Northern New England Conference, 479 Main Street, Westbook Maine, 04092

Course Description:

This course offers a comprehensive study  of what the New Testament has to say about the church: its origin, nature, shape, ministry, ordinances and work. One aspect of that task will be to examine the background of the church in the Old Testament an in Jewish and Gentile society of the time. Throughout our study of these matters we will seek to find illumination for the guidance of the church today.

Course Resources:

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Student Attendee List:

  1. Nancy Allen (MDiv.E)
  2. Don Ball
  3. Diego Boquer
  4. Edward Bryan
  5. James  Coleman Jr.
  6. Jonathan Cross
  7. Richardson Desire
  8. Dennis Farley
  9. Elis Joseph
  10. Trenton Hamidan (CEU)
  11. Ron Knott
  12. James O'Connor
  13. Sem Omeler
  14. Dorrin Patillo
  15. Andrew Philbert
  16. Adam Ramdin
  17. Pierre Seide
  18. Jean Faddy Semerzier
  19. Cirilo Vazquez
  20. Carlyle Wildman