MA in Pastoral Ministry

OTST 566 Readings in the Pentateuch







Professor: Jiří Moskala
Date: March 20-24, 2016
Location: Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, Texas

Course Description

Pentateuch: Interpretation of the Torah (Pentateuch) and exegetical study in selected portions of its books (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, or Deuteronomy).

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO): Course Objectives

  1. To highlight the significance of the Torah in relationship to the rest of the Old Testament and grasp the Grand Metanarrative of Scripture.
  2. To survey and evaluate the history of Pentateuchal research, with special attention to questions of introduction (date, authorship, unity, integrity, Sitz im Leben).
  3. To develop exegetical/interpretational skills and methodology that can be applied both to the Old Testament as well as the rest of Scripture.
  4. To engage in exegesis and theological research of selected portions of the Pentateuch. The knowledge of Biblical Hebrew so far acquired by the student will be incorporated into the lectures, with a view to showing the value and importance of Hebrew in the exegetical process.
  5. To develop a particular awareness of the literary artistry and structure of the Pentateuch, both on a microstructural and a macrostructural level.
  6. To make critical use of major commentaries on the Old Testament, developing a realization of their particular strengths/weaknesses and awareness of their theological/methodological orientations.
  7. To develop and synthesize a theology of the Old Testament, both synchronically (book-by-book) and diachronically (thematically).
  8. To integrate the message of the Old Testament into personal experience, examining the practical application of the class.

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Student Attendee List:

  1. Wirmin Alcantara
  2. DeeAnn Bragaw
  3. Stephen Carlile
  4. Gene Clapp
  5. Daniel Charles
  6. Stephen Dennis (CEU)
  7. Jorge Diaz
  8. Kenrunne Dixon
  9. Shawn Ellis
  10. Juan Fresse
  11. Rodnew Garcia
  12. Eugene Hamilton
  13. Bonnie Hawkins-Jordan
  14. Daniel Hoover
  15. James Milam
  16. Richard Norris
  17. Sang Oh 
  18. Mateo Ramirez
  19. Kevin Robert
  20. Andrew Shurtliff
  21. Mark A. Valadez
  22. Brandon Westgate
  23. Paul Wilmot