MA in Pastoral Ministry

THST 540 - Doctrine of Salvation








Professor: Denis Fortin
Date: April 3-7, 2016
Location: Burman University, Alberta, Canada

Course Description

A broad study of the Christian doctrine of Salvation: The author, object, need, agent, process, and result of salvation. Biblical, historical and systematic considerations are intrinsic to this course. While the Seventh-day Adventist understanding of this doctrine constitutes the central focus of the study, other views are also acknowledged.

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  1. Joseph Amankwa
  2. Ian A. Bramble
  3. Shawna Campbell
  4. Steven Carlson
  5. David K Chimwaso
  6. Olaf Clausen
  7. Michael Corbel
  8. Francis Douville
  9. Alison M. Down
  10. Roger Esteves
  11. Myles Gillespie
  12. Karen Hayde
  13. Eyitwoyo Lawel Natufe
  14. Elmer Manzanares-Marenco
  15. Rhoda Miller
  16. Fitzroy Radlein
  17. Evaldo Vicente Silva
  18. Neil Tagarao
  19. Alrick Watson
  20. Larry Weidell