M.A. in Pastoral Ministry

 ANEA 510 Archaeolgy and the Bible ( CRN 659) 

Professor: Paul Gregor
Date: July 17-21, 2016
Location: Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI 49104 (Chan Shun Building Room CSH 108)

Course Description:

The assembling of archaeological and ancient textual material which, interpreted from the philosophical viewpoint of the Bible, emphasizes the accuracy and authenticity of the Scripture. A study of cultures, customs, languages, and rituals that throw light on the statements of God’s Word.

Class Resources:

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Course Syllabus
Location Information

Student List:

  1. Nancy Allen (MDiv)
  2. Steve Carlson
  3. Kaylene Chadwick
  4. Lucious Hall
  5. John-Michael Holland
  6. Tom Hubbard
  7. Elwyn Hyde
  8. Justin Kim
  9. Timothy D. Lee
  10. Nicholas Louis
  11. Darrel Le Roux
  12. Daniel McGrath
  13. Carissa McSherry
  14. Robert Meneses
  15. Kent Nicholas
  16. Israel Ramos
  17. Brenda Rhyne
  18. Kevin Robert
  19. Rodney Thomas
  20. Jasmin Wildman
  21. Ernest Wolf