M.A. in Pastoral Ministry

CHIS 674 Development of SDA Theology (CRN 31)









Professor: Abner Hernández
Date: July 24-28, 2016
Location: Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI 49104 (Chan Shun Building CSH 108)

The history and development of Seventh-day Adventist theology from the 1840s to the present, with emphasis on doctrines such as the Sabbath, sanctuary, conditional immortality, eschatology, covenants, Christology, and righteousness by faith.

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Extra Class Materials: The special articles listed below are to be read before each of the days listed below.

Here is the link for access to the Textbook for this class: http://www.sdanet.org/atissue/books/su/index.htm

Day 1 - George R. Knight, “Adventist Theology 1844 to 1994”
Day 2 - William Miller, “Miller’s Rules of Bible Interpretation.”
             Jack Blanco, “The Historicist Interpretation of Prophecy."
Day 3 - C. Mervin Maxwell, “A Brief History of Adventist Hermeneutics."
              Abner F. Hernandez, “Adventist Eschatological Identity and the Interpretation of the Time Periods of Daniel 12:11–12.”
Day 4 - Ellen G. White, “Christ Our Righteousness."  
              Richard Rice, “Sanctification and Perfection."
Day 5 - Merlin Burt, “History of Seventh-day Adventist Views on the Trinity.”
             Tim Portier, “Sources Clarify Ellen G. White’s Christology.”

Student Lists:

  1. Steve Carlson
  2. Kaylene Chadwick
  3. Pierre Emannuel Charles
  4. Gene Clapp
  5. Rodney Garcia
  6. Jon-Michael Holland
  7. Thomas Hubbard
  8. Darrel Le Roux
  9. Karen Lewis
  10. Michael Mattzela
  11. Kent Nicholas
  12. Richard Norris
  13. Nicole Parker
  14. June Price
  15. Brenda Rhyne
  16. Elizer Sacay
  17. Rodney Thomas
  18. Melody Wallace
  19. Gillian Webster
  20. Jasmin Wildman
  21. Ernest Wolf
  22. Tony Yang