Cuba Study Tour

The History

Andrews University's Cuba Study Tour is an exciting journey that began as a call that God placed on the heart of Dr. Fernando Ortiz, the Seminary's MDiv program director.  This desire became a reality in the spring of 2013 when a group of 26 MDiv students and their sponsors from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary traveled to Havana, Cuba.  Since the first tour, Seminary students journeyed to Cuba each year in order to engage in “boots on the ground” personal and public evangelism, and to bring effective resolutions to specific needs of the churches and the people of Cuba.  In 2015, Seminary students focused their love and ministry in the city of Santiago. Besides providing much-needed ministry materials, 100 bicycles which were donated to Bible workers and pastors to equip them to visit their members and the locals.  On the 2016 tour, 28 students equipped dozens of Cuban pastors and Bible workers with ministerial resources to reach the hearts of their people and finish the gospel work. Funds for 100 more bicycles were donated, along with donkeys, 25 new laptops and seven tablets loaded with Bibles, sermons, Bible studies, hymnals, Ellen G. White books, the SDA Bible Commentary collection and more. Supporters also donated funds to build two additional mission outposts.

The Purpose

The Cuba Study Tour seeks not only to do important mission work in Cuba, but also to equip students to obtain an evangelistic mindset, enlarge their worldview and learn how to do evangelism from Bible workers and pastors in Latin America.  By allowing students to immerse themselves in the world and evangelistic mindset of Cuban pastors and Bible workers, students are able to learn valuable lessons and catch the flame of evangelism.

During the tour, evangelistic series are held in multiple sites throughout the host city.  During the 2016 tour, Dwight Nelson preached at one site, but MDiv students led the meetings in the other four venues. When students return from the tour, they are on fire to do evangelism in their local context in new ways, especially friendship evangelism. Seminary students even get academic credit for their work in Cuba!

Join The Exciting Journey!

As a Master of Divinity student, you have already taken the first step in this journey by being a co-laborer with Christ in winning the hearts and minds of His children.  Through the Cuba Study Tour, you can also have the opportunity to broaden the experience of your journey with Christ while writing the next chapter of Cuba’s story.

Tour Information

Tour Length: A 10-day tour, every year during spring break in March

Destination: Holguin, Cuba

Course options: CHMN 562 - Field Evangelism 3cr.
                                 CHMN 631- Field Evangelistic Preaching & Practicum 3cr.

Deposite: $150 non-refundable commitment deposit

Please be advised that the Study tour does not fulfill the requirement of a DG in either course options.

Additional study tour information!

Please be advise that all applicants are required to attend the Study Tour Meetings.


By clicking on the "APPLY NOW!" link, a new window tab with the tour application will open in your browser. We suggest that before you start the application process, you either pay the deposit fee or the full payment at Student Financial Services.  Why? Because, in order to apply, you will need a scanned copy, digital photo, or smartphone photo of your payment receipt and a scanned copy or photo of your passport to upload into the application.  The application page will not allow you to return to the application in order to upload your documents.  

When uploading your document please make sure that you save your receipt and passport in the following format:

Full Payment Receipt: Last name, First name - Full payment Receipt

Deposit Receipt:  Last name, First name - Deposit Receipt

Passport: Last name, First name - Passport