MA YYAM - Social Work

Andrews University has formed a collaborative between the Department of Discipleship and Religious Education in the Seminary and the Department of Social Work in the College of Arts & Sciences to pre-pare students for youth and young adult ministry and social work. Students choosing this program would receive both a master’s in Youth and Young Adult Ministry and a master’s in Social Work. The objectives of this program are to equip students for various forms of ministry in which clinical and administrative skills in social work and ministry are needed; to enable students to integrate both ministry and social work knowledge, values and skills into a multifaceted approach to Christian service, thereby enhancing their usefulness as instruments of the Holy Spirit; and to sensitize them to nontraditional ministry opportunities by exposing them to theories and practice skills related to counseling approaches, person-in-environment, social and economic justice, human rights and global perspectives from a Christian worldview. The program is designed to give students both master’s degrees within three years. The details of the program are as follows:

  • The dual degree will consist of 78 credits.
  • The student will need to be accepted into both programs.
  • There will be shared electives between the two programs:
  • Eight credits for the MA in Youth & Young Adult Ministry; and
  • Ten credits for the Master of Social Work.
  • Fieldwork will also be a shared experience, being cross-listed as CHMN660 Field Practicum/SOWK535 Field Experience/ SOWK635 Advanced Field Experience. Nine credit hours will be required for a total of 900 clock hours.
  • One course will be cross-listed and be taken in the Department of Social Work:
  • DSRE 503 - Marriage, Family, and Interpersonal Relationships with SOWK 501 - Foundations of Practice I
  • GSEM 525 - The Bible and Biblical History will be considered a prerequisite course. If the student passes the Biblical Literacy Exam, that will satisfy the prerequisite. If the student does not pass the exam, they will need to take the one-credit GSEM 525 in addition to the 78 credits for the dual degree.

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Required Courses for the Degree
Prerequisite GSEM525 The Bible & Biblical History (C+ minimum) or Pass Bible Knowledge Entrance Test (offered in Fall semester only) 1 credit
Core DSRE541 Foundations on Biblical Spirituality 
Two courses in New Testament and/or Old Testament
Two Theology courses, one Ethics course recommended
CHIS574 History of SDA Theology
CHMN523 Worship: Word & Music
One additional course in Conflict Resolution or Church Leadership from the following:
CHMN 526 - Conflict Management in the Church Credits: 2–3
CHMN 527 - Church Leadership and Administration Credits: 2–3
CHMN 543 - Christian Leadership in a Changing World Credits: 3
One World Mission course

CHMN 632 - Contextualized Preaching: Youth & Young Adult Credits: 2
DSRE 656 - Counseling Youth and Young Adults Credits: 2–3 (2 credits required)
DSRE 605 - Issues in Religious Education Credits: 2 OR DSRE 610 - Teaching for Discipleship Credits: 2
DSRE 608 - Youth and Young Adults in Contemporary Culture  Credits: 2
DSRE 534 - Ministry to Youth and Young Adults Credits: 2–3 (2 credits required)
DSRE 564 - Advanced Youth and Young Adult Ministry Leadership Credits: 2–3 (2 credits required)
Choose one CHMN or DSRE Course (2 Credits)
SOWK 501 - Foundations of Practice I Credits: 4
SOWK 502 - Foundations of Practice II Credits: 4
SOWK 515 - Christian Perspectives on Professional Ethics Credits: 2
SOWK 531 - Human Behavior and the Social Environment I Credits: 2
SOWK 532 - Human Behavior and the Social Environment II Credits: 2
SOWK 550 - Social Policy Credits: 2
SOWK 561 - Social Work Research I Credits: 2
SOWK 562 - Social Work Research II Credits: 2
SOWK 601 - Advanced Practice I Credits: 3
SOWK 602 - Advanced Practice II Credits: 2
SOWK 605 - Advanced Clinical Assessment Credits: 3
SOWK 630 - Policy for Social Change Credits: 3
SOWK 660 - Advanced Practice Evaluation Credits: 3
SOWK 689 - Advanced Professional Seminar Credits: .5, .5
46 credits
Field Expereince SOWK 535 - Generalist Field Experience Credits: 1–4 (4 credits required for this degree. (4) = 400 hours)
SOWK 510 - Generalist Field Seminar Credits: .5, .5
SOWK 635 - Advanced Field Experience Credits: 1–5 (5 credits required for this degree. (5) = 500 hours)
SOWK 610 - Advanced Field Seminar Credits: .5, .5
10 credits


78 credits