Children Ministry Emphasis

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Required Courses for the Degree
Prerequisite An undergraduate or graduate level course in psychology

3 credits


EDFN 500 - Philosophical Foundations for Professionals
A religion or theology elective appropriate for emphasis (advisor consultation required)
DSRE 610 - Teaching for Discipleship
DSRE 605 - Contemporary Topics in Religious Education and Discipleship
DSRE 680 Field Practicum: Leadership (instructor consultation required)
DSRE 541 - Foundations of Biblical Spirituality
EDRM 505 - Research Methods
DSRE 620 - Scholarly & Professional Development

Choose one out of the following three Courses:
Psychology Elective
DSRE 651 - Foundations of Biblical Counseling
DSRE 655 - Families in Society

22 credits
Core Emphasis Courses DSRE678 - Spiritual Nurture of Children
DSRE648 - Workshop: Children’s Ministry

Choose six credits from the following Courses:
DSRE630 - Fostering Spiritual Growth
DSRE651 - Foundations of Biblical Counseling
DSRE680 - Field Practicum
EDCI565 - Improving Instruction
GDPC540 - Behavior and Emotional Problems of Children
EDCI650 - Curriculum Design & Development
DSRE658 - Internal Dynamics of Families
12 credits
Advanced Standing Courses relevant to scholarship in religion (10 credits) and to scholarship in education or religious education (4 credits) is dependent upon prior undergraduate and graduate learning AND the particular MA (Religious Education) emphasis area chosen. The courses will be distributed appropriately  in the course plan. Advanced standing may be obtained for these credits based on a background of advanced theological or educational study or prior extensive undergraduate studies in religion, religious education, or education. 0-14 credits
Total   48 credits