PhD (Religious Education) Theological Curriculum and Instruction Emphasis

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Required Courses for the Degree
Prerequisites  EDFN 500 Philosophical Fnds of Education & Psychology
DSRE 605 Issues in Religious Education
EDRM 505 Research Methods I
EDRM 611 Research Methods II
DSRE 541 Foundations of Biblical Spirituality
15 credits
Core DSRE 850 Theological Foundations of Christian Teaching
OTST890 Directed Reading: Disability in the OT
DSRE 610 Teaching for Discipleship
Psychology Elective
EDRM 605 Qualitative Research Methods in Educ & Psych
EDRM 712 Applied Statistical Mehtods II
DSRE 887 Applied Research
EDRM 880 Diss Proposal Development (or GSEM 854)
DSRE 995 Dissertation
DSRE 830 Advanced Fostering Spiritual Growth
DSRE 950 Synthesis in Religious Education
DSRE 878 Advanced Professional Development
44 credits
Emphasis Courses

Language Prerequisite: If the area of study requires a language, complete the course NTST 552 Intermediate Greek, OTST 552 Biblical Hebrew II or pass a qualifying examination at the intermediate level in Greek or Hebrew.

8 credits from one of the following areas:

  • Biblical Archeology & History of Antiquity
  • Christian Ministry
  • Church History
  • Mission
  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • Theology
  • Christian Philosophy
6 credits from Curriculum & Instruction

6 credits from Christian Formation & Discipleship Emphasis

20 credits
Total  64 credits