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University Archives
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About the University Archives

The Archives is the official repository for unpublished, non-current University records of historical, fiscal, legal, social, or administrative value. Records held in the Archives date from the historical beginnings of the University with Battle Creek College, in Battle Creek from 1874–1901; then moving here to Berrien Springs as Emmanuel Missionary College, 1901-1960; and merging in 1960 with Potomac University from Washington DC (1957-1960) forming its present identity as Andrews University. The records maintained at the Archives include the correspondence of the presidents; minutes of the Board of Trustees, administrative and faculty committees; and other records from central administrative offices, student services, and various schools, departments, institutes, and other entities of the University.

The Andrews University Archives is a University entity under the administration of the Provost. Functioning as one of the units of the Center for Adventist Research, the Archives is located on the lower level of the James White Library. The Archives assists offices as they maintain well-organized active, or current, files and provides guidance for transfer of appropriate inactive, or non-current, University records to storage.

The Andrews University Archives and Records Center was established in 1999 to manage the growing body of administrative records which had been stored all over campus, often for lack of better places, in old cabinets and boxes, and stuffed into closets or basement shelves. Most records of central administration, however, had been sent to the Adventist Heritage Center and stored there. But only some of those records were processed and managed as special collections because the mission and focus of the AHC was Adventist history worldwide.

Since then, many of these records, and others which were stored at various other places around the campus, have been transferred and are now located at the Archives. The Center for Adventist Research is concerned about Adventist History; the Archives confines its interests to the University. Besides the effort of bringing all of the administrative records under one roof, the main effort of the Archives has been to establish an archival program which includes policies, a manual, retention schedules, guidelines, and forms for identifying records/items which can be disposed of and those which must be kept and properly transferred to the Archives. The goal of the Archives is to standardize procedures for proper record management across campus while preserving the history of the institution.

Therefore, our web site includes full downloadable text of most of the information needed for record keeping and your work with the Archives for the preservation of the records from your departmental/unit.

We hope you will find this information helpful. If you have questions, please contact us by phone (3373) or e-mail (, or visit us for a tour of the Andrews University Archives.

Alice C. Williams
University Archivist

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