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Introduction to Archives

Colleges and universities maintain archives for the preservation of records documenting institutional policies, procedures, and activities. Archives serve a variety of administrative, financial, legal, social, and historical purposes. These records may provide guidance to administrators, faculty, staff, students, and provide resources for research.

The Center for Adventist Research at the James White Library houses the Andrews University Archives (Archives). The Archives serves two distinct purposes:

  1. Preserves the records of the University including those generated by administrative and academic offices, University-wide committees, campus organizations, and various other entities. These records include records of organizations and entities related to the University and personal and professional papers of selected University administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni.
  2. Assists personnel in organization and management of office records before inactive records are destroyed or transferred to the Archives. This manual, prepared by the staff of the Archives, will help University offices maintain well-organized active, or current, files, and provide guidance for transfer of appropriate inactive, or non-current, University records to the Archives. Questions concerning these policies and procedures should be directed to the Andrews University Archives at the Center for Adventist Research, James White Library, 4190 Administration Drive, Berrien Springs, Michigan, 49104-1440. Telephone: (269) 471-3373. Fax: (269) 471-2646, E-mail:

The term archives is used to refer to any record which is not current and is placed in storage. The Archives holds records with various levels of permanence and accessibility. Some records will be retained permanently and, after a specified period of years, opened to the general public for research purposes. Other records, especially those of a sensitive nature, may remain closed permanently and be open only to the office of origin. Records with no further value to the University may be destroyed. These periods and accessibility are determined by records retention schedules. See Appendix 8. The University Archivist is available to assist in developing a customized Records Retention Schedule for each office, department, and school or revising the existing one if necessary. The policy basis for the Archives is the Andrews University Archives and Records Management Policy in the Andrews University Working Policy section 1:736.

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