Virtual Learning Classroom

  • Open to 16 currently enrolled children ages 5-12 who are enrolled in their school's virtual learning program or a home school program.
  • Education hours: 9:15 am - 3:45 pm Monday - Friday
  • Tuition is $3.75/hr under 40 hours.  $3.50/hr over 40 hours.  All meals and snacks are included.


The Crayon Box has provided a designated classroom for currently enrolled school age children. We understand the fears and want to provide a place for families who wish to use virtual learning even if their school is offering face to face education. This program is limited to 16 children.

We will provide study blocks throughout the day with time spent outside and assistance with assignments. Parents must provide a laptop/tablet (if required), headphones and the daily assignments to complete. Children must be enrolled in a virtual or home school program.

Please contact the office for more information or if you have questions.

Enrolled children meeting for face to face instruction will still have space to come if their school moves to required virtual instruction. That program is limited to 34 additional children.


Daily Schedule

For more information please call us at (269) 471-3350 or email