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Grief Therapy Support Group (Tuesdays @ 11:30)
If you are grieving a loss, including the loss of a loved one, please join a virtual grief support group facilitated by CTC mental health professionals. This group will offer you a place to deepen your understanding of your grief, express your thoughts/feelings, and receive support from other students at AU who are also experiencing a loss. This group will be facilitated by a mental health professional and will be an option during the Co-curricular choices at 11:30 on Tuesdays. If you are interested in joining the grief support group, e-mail the CTC at Simply include: "I am interested in the grief support group and would like the Zoom link."

The Lunchtime Hang (Wednesdays @ 12:30PM)
It's lonely out there, especially during this Pandemic. With many students craving social interaction, conversation, and an opportunity to connect more with fellow students, the CTC is offering The Lunchtime Hang. The Lunchtime Hang is simply a Zoom gathering during lunch time, with various topics for conversation, either in chat or on video. All you have to do is click the link and enter the group to connect with other AU students. You can get rid of your feelings of loneliness! The Lunchtime Hang starts Wednesday, January 20 at 12:30 p.m.. The topic of conversation this Wednesday is: "Relationships". You can ask questions anonymously through the chat and get answers from mental health professionals. Simply use this link:

Ongoing Services

Embedded Services:
Mental health ambassadors are accessible in your various residential facilities on campus. If you live in Lamson Hall, Meier Hall, University Towers, or graduate campus housing, check with your hall director or dean to connect with mental health support.

Lei Serenity Place in the Wellness Center:
The Lei Serenity Place is located in the Wellness Center. It is a room designed to promote relaxation and stress reduction. Service packages include: Chair massage, aromatherapy, art therapy, light therapy, and an opportunity for brief consultations with a mental health professional. Spring Semester 2021 the CTC/Wellness Center is offering FREE massage chair appointments to all students (limited to two times per week). To schedule an appointment and read further descriptions about the Lei Serenity Place, you can visit this link Serenity Place.

Co-Curricular Short Course Presentations

Available online during Tuesday Co-curricular Choice at 11:30


Spring Semester 2021

Please Call 269-471-3470 for further information.