We have many groups and guests visit our cafes throughout the year. Here are the services we can offer to both on or off campus groups and guests.



Go Through Line Groups

Our go through line service is available to anyone wanting to pay for a group of people to eat through our Terrace Café line. There are several options when pre-arranging a go through line. You could: find seats in the Great Lakes room, book one of our rooms, get extras such as linens, podium, sound system, or have the tables and chair arranged a specific way. We are more than willing to work with you and your group to accommodate your needs. Please contact our office at least 24 hours before the date you would like to have your go through line so that we may serve you better. However, the further ahead you book, the better your chances will be of getting first pick for room reservations as we do operate on a first come first serve basis.

If you would like to book one of our rooms for an event, please be aware that we only allow our rooms to be booked along with a meal for a minimum of 15 guests. So, you can either do a catered event in that room, or a go through line.

Conventions + Hotel Guests

Throughout the year, Andrews University hosts numerous conventions on campus. At Dining Services, we work with Convention Services to give those convention guests the best possible experience at Andrews University. When conventions are booked, guests contact the Andrews University Convention Services to book rooms and accommodations, including their dining choices while they are on campus. You can feel certain that all details between Dining Services and Convention Services will be seen to before you arrive.

For our hotel guests that would like to arrange for a meal ticket instead of going through guest and convention services you can contact Dining Services by telephone at 269-471-3161, or stop by our office during regular hours. If you would like to know the most up-to-date hours for both the Terrace Café and Gazebo, please visit our website at www.andrews.edu/dining. If you happen to need any personal products, toiletries, or groceries, the Gazebo is fully stocked with those items at all times.

Prepaid Café Cards + Meal Tickets

For guests who do not have a meal plan or ID card with charging abilities there are two options if they would like to pre-pay for food at our Cafes, or if a department on campus is wanting to purchase meals for a guest before they arrive. There is the blue Café Card, which is the Dining Services equivalent of a gift card or charge card. This card can be preloaded with a specific amount of at least $10 or more, and can be reloaded at any time. The Meal Ticket is for departments on campus to prepay for a specific guest that will be coming to Andrews University. The department can set the limit of meals and dates for the guest, and all charges will be to the department’s IDC #.

If you are wanting any cards made for a guest please give at least 48 hours notice before the pickup date in order for us to make them for you. If there are over 25 guests who need Café Cards, we need at least 72 hours notice. Also, all blue Café Cards must return to the Dining Services office after the guest has used it. If you do not return the card and the guest did not use the entire amount on the card, the entire amount on the card will still be charged.