What type of meal plan should you be on?
There are two different types of meal plans and one meal plan extension available to students at Andrews University.


The Dorm Meal Plan is for any student living in the residence hall or receiving Andrews University tuition assistance at the residence hall rate, no matter the age. If you are living in the residence hall, you are required to have this meal plan. The cost of the meal plan is $1,800 per semester. The Dorm Meal Plan is a declining balance plan, meaning that once the lump sum has been placed on your account the balance will decline over the course of a semester. You also have the option to purchase Meal Plan Extensions once the original balance on your Meal Plan runs low. Please visit our Meal Plans FAQs page for more information on the Dorm Meal Plan and Dorm Meal Plan Extension.


The Cafe Account is for any student over the age of 22 who does not receive the Andrews University tuition assistance residence hall rate and/or is not living in the residence halls. The Cafe Account can be opened with a minimum of $50 and money can be added to an existing cafe account in any amount $10 or more. For Cafe Accounts, we can put more onto your account with cash, credit card, and checks, or you may work through Registration Central. If a student opens a Cafe Account with $400 or more they receive a non-refundable 5% bonus to their account. Along with this 5% bonus, all student meals at Dining Services are tax-free. With both of these discounts students can receive a savings of 11% in one semester. Please visit our Meal Plans FAQs page for more information on the Cafe Account.



For all those who open a Cafe Account with $400 or more, that individual will be given a non-refundable 5% account bonus (faculty and staff do not qualify for the 5% back program). This cannot be redeemed for cash or returned to financial statements at any time, hence the "non-refundable" description. If you are a full-time student opening a Cafe Account you will also be saving another 6% by not having to pay tax on any meals at Dining Services. With this 6% saved throughout the semester on top of the previous 5%, a full-time student with a Cafe Account can save a total of 11% throughout one single semester.

Our Loyalty Card program is a new feature we offer to all non-faculty and staff Cafe Account holders. Account holders, who are not either faculty or staff, can bring their Loyalty Card to the Terrace Café whenever they buy a meal. Once they have purchased a total of ten meals with the loyalty card, bring the card in again to receive the eleventh meal free. This is the perfect program for anyone who eats at the Terrace Café on a regular basis. You may only have one Loyalty Card at a time, and there is no limit to how many cards you can receive in a single semester.

Students may use their ID cards to pay for meals if they are on a Meal Plan or Cafe Account. Faculty and Staff are given a 25% discount at the Terrace Café and on made-to-order items at the Gazebo when they present their ID card to the cashier. Faculty and Staff may also pay for meals by charging to their account. Cash, checks and credit cards are also accepted Sunday - Friday.



If you have a Cafe Account you may close out your Bookstore or Cafe Account at any given time during a semester. Once your account has been closed out, it may take up to 48 hours for the money to appear back on your financial statement. However, please keep in mind that closing out accounts is only possible for those with a Cafe Account, not a Dorm Meal Plan.