We hope to provide you with the best dining experience possible. Here are some important policies to help us help you.




Every member of our Dining Services team is committed to giving you the best customer service experience possible. We know that pleasing everyone all the time is not always possible. If there are any comments or suggestions on how we can better serve you, please fill out one of our comment cards from the Terrace Café, or simply email us with your comment, suggestion, or concern at ds@andrews.edu.



While dining with us please feel free to ask one of the chefs for the ingredients on any particular item. If you have specific dietary requirements, a meeting with our Executive Chef or General Manager can be made. Please contact the Dining Services office if you have any special dietary needs or concerns, or to arrange a meeting. We will always be happy to help you. A doctor's request will be necessary for special food requirements and an additional charge may be required to offset the expense of providing special or additional foods.



The Dining Center has implemented a Pre-Pay Policy for meals served during Sabbath Hours (sundown Friday through sundown Saturday). Customers who have paid cash or used credit cards in the past are requested to purchase the pre-paid Café Card from the Dining Services office in advance of Sabbath hours. Cards can be purchased at a minimum of the price of one meal in our Terrace Café, and can be used until the balance of the card has run out.

Call 269-471-3161 to purchase a card, or visit the Office of Dining Services during regular business hours. Staff with charge privileges may continue to use the ID charge option. Our Sabbath policy is to accept Meal Tickets, Café Cards, credit cards, and ID cards, however we prefer that all Sabbath meals be paid for in advance. We do not accept cash or checks for Sabbath meals.

*We highly recommend our customers to call the Dining Services office to pre-arrange your Sabbath meal. Please read our Sabbath Policy Letter that was sent to the campus so you better understand our reasons for no longer accepting certain forms of payment.



The customer's safety and well-being is most important to us. We have a team and plan in place to ensure that you always have the safest food and food production practices. Please visit our Food Safety page for more information on specific steps we take to ensure your safety and recommendations we have to keep yourself safe when eating.



If you lose your ID card, please either contact the Office of Dining Services immediately to report it lost or go to your Meal Plan/Cafe Account on Registration Central. Dining Services can place a hold on your card so no one else can use it. If our office is not open please place a hold on the card online by going to www.andrews.edu/go/myid. After your card has been placed on hold, please come to our office to receive a temporary meal card. The meal card amount is taken out of your Meal Plan or Cafe Account money. Once the card has been found or replaced with a new card all unused meal card money will return to your Meal Plan or Cafe Account.



Faculty and Staff are given a 25% discount at the Terrace Café and on made-to-order items at the Gazebo when they present their ID card to the cashier. Please be mindful that we cannot extend this discount to anyone other than the Faculty or Staff member who owns the ID card. An ID card may not be used for the discount if the cardholder is not present or is not the individual paying for the meal. If you are wanting to be placed on our list of approved family members for the 25% discount please have the Faculty or Staff member come into our office to fill out a charging privileges form.



For those with a Cafe Account, money can be transferred between your Bookstore or Cafe Account at any time. You can only transfer the entire amount of one account into another; we do not do partial amount transfers. However, we can put a partial amount from one account to another if we put the remaining balance back to your financial statement. For those with a Dorm Meal Plan, you cannot transfer any amount out of your meal plan, but funds from another account may transfer into your Meal Plan account. You may close out your Bookstore or Cafe Account (not Dorm Meal Plan) after the semester’s drop/add period. Once your account has been closed out, it may take up to 48 hours for the money to appear back on your financial statement.