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Copyright Center

The Copyright Center - offers faculty needed resources to assist them with any of their copyright needs.



The Center for Teaching Learnin and Excellence



Continuance Of Educational Services

Continuance of Educational Services - plans to assist faculty if at anytime Andrews University needs to be closed and classes continue.



Alternative Learning Environments

Alternative Learning Environments - offers faculty ideas of different ways to offer their courses.


Moodle - Moodle is the NEW learning management tool used here at Andrews University.



  1. D2L is the learning management tool used here at Andrews University.
  2. D2L TEST - Test to see if your browser can use D2L.

If you are not an Andrews University student you are still eligible to take a class at Andrews University. Click Here for the Form.


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Distance Learning Help Links

  1. ADEC Student Success Guide (pdf) - for Distance Education Students
  2. Andrews University James White Library.
  3. Off Campus Student  Access Section.
  4. The help you need to find books you need at a price you can afford.


Financial Aid

Andrews University On-Campus Students Only

Students enrolled in on-campus degree programs may use non-Andrews University grants and loans toward the tuition and fees for an AU/GU course. These grants and loans can be applied toward AU/GU tuition and fees only if the student is taking an equivalent or higher number of credits through on-campus courses. Students who pay for their AU/GU course(s) in this way must register for the course(s) in the AU/GU office.

All students approved for financial aid must be registered for the course(s) within the usual registration periods and must complete the course(s) within the time periods designed by the Andrews University  academic calendar and regulated by Griggs University. Students  not finishing course(s) within this time frame will automatically receive a deferred (DG) for the course(s).



Military Service Credit

Students who have served in the military are eligible for transfer credit for courses taken while in the service as established by the American Council on Education (ACE). Army personnel should submit an AARTS transcript; persons in the other services should submit an evaluation of military credit and copy of their DD Form 214.

Veterans' Certification Guidelines:
Andrews University cooperates with the Veterans Administration guidelines for the certification of veterans enrolled at the college. The major guidelines are outlined below for students who are eligible for veteran's benefits.

Applying for Benefits - Veterans should call their VA Regional Office to verify their eligibility and monthly entitlement. A student must complete 12 semester hours each semester to receive full-time benefits. After being accepted, students using VA benefits must contact the Andrews Veterans Clerk at 269.471.6000.

Student Responsibility - The VA pays benefits only for courses that apply toward a student's degree. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the courses he or she is taking apply toward his or her degree.

Concurrent Registration - If a student registers at Andrews and at another college simultaneously to take a course that will apply toward his or her degree, he or she must notify the Andrews Veterans Clerk in order to get reimbursement for the class at the other school.

Notification of Student Loan to the VA - After the student has registered for classes, the Veterans Clerk will notify the VA of the class load for which the veteran is registered.

Notification of Change of Students Class Load or Major to the VA - The student is to notify the certifying official immediately of any change in major or class load so that the VA can be notified. Within a week after a veteran adds or drops a class (this includes changing to audit). the VA Clerk informs the VA of the veteran's changed class load status. Failure to comply with VA regulations may result in loss of benefits and/or legal action on the part of the Veterans Administration.

GPA Regulations - When a veteran's cumulative grade point average (GPA) falls below 2.00, the Veterans Clerk informs the individual immediately that he or she will forfeit all the veteran's benefits if the GPA falls to rise about 2.00 at the end of the semester. If, in fact, the GPA stays below 2.00 for the second semester, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is notified and all veterans' benefits are terminated. Only after the veteran has maintained his or her GPA at a level of 2.00 or above for one entire semester will he or she become re-certified to receive VA educational benefits.

Release of Student Records to VA Authorities - Guidelines given to the college by the U.S. government indicate that the college may release confidential information, including grades, to officials from the VA without prior authorization from the student.


Miscellaneous Fees

Other fees associated with services and requirements of a degree program at Andrews University are explained under their respective headings. Costs are indicated below for quick reference.


Application fee $30
CLEP/DANTES recording fees $10 per course
plus $25 per credit Graduation fee $60
Math placement test $75
Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) tuituion fee For informtion contact the AU/GUoffice at 269.471.3960
AU Conuseling and Testing Center  
AU/GU exam proctoring $7
CLEP test (each) $46 to CLEP and $20 to AU
DANTES test $40 to DANTES and $20 to AU

Refund Policy
Andrews University students who have their courses charged through their Andrews University account are subject to the Andrews University refund policy:


Order date - 10th calendar day

100% of the GU refund

11th - 17th calendar day

70% of the GU refund

18th - 24th calendar day

40% of the GU refund

After the 25th calendar day

0% of the GU refund



Click here for listing of suggested readings.



Student Helps

Media Streaming Server Plug-in Instructions for D2L




We also offer training seminars for our faculty here on campus on topics that range from the use of D2L to manipulating Microsoft Office programs such as Excel and PowerPoint.  To set up an appointment please email us at

Students who live in the area that surrounds Andrews can come in at anytime during our business hours for help. 

Call us at 269-471-3960 to find out more.


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