Forsyth House Rules

Checklist for Steen Suite

All dishes and utensils washed and put away in proper place
Counter tops cleaned and sanitized
Stove and microwave wiped down
Food removed from refrigerator
Floors swept and mopped
Empty trash and replace trash bag

Trash emptied
Sink rinsed out

Living Room/Dining Room:
Clean up and wipe off table
Vacuum carpet
Return any furniture that was moved to its proper place
Close all blinds
Empty trash
Lock doors

Checklist for Ogden Room

Kitchenette area left clean and sanitized
Leave any soiled towels (belonging to Honors House) in sink for laundry
Close blinds
All tables and chairs stored in designated area
Floor swept and mopped
Bathroom cleaned
Remove all decorations (this includes any tape on any surface)
Remove all food
Empty trash to dumpster outside by Harrigan Hall
Lights out
Door locked

In the event that any of these items are not checked off by the Honors Office, the deposit left for use of these facilities will not be returned.