Table of Contents

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Employment Processes

1.1 Hourly Staff
1.2 Salaried Staff
1.3 Faculty
IV. Promotions - Performance and Development Appraisals (Evaluations)
4.1 Hourly Staff
4.2 Salaried Staff
4.3 Faculty
V. Terminations
5.1 Hourly Staff
5.2 Salaried Staff
5.3 Faculty
VI. Unemployment
VII. Retirement
7.1 Defined Benefit
7.2 Defined Contribution
7.3 Retirement Allowance
7.4 Retirement Move
7.5 Retirement Application
7.6 Retiree Free Classes
VIII. Vacation
8.1 Hourly Staff
8.2 Salaried Staff
8.3 Faculty
IX. Sick Leave Time - Disability - FMLA
9.1 Hourly Staff
9.2 Salaried Staff
9.3 Faculty
X. Funeral and Jury Leave
10.1 Hourly employees
10.2 Salaried Non-Faculty employees/Administrative
10.3 Faculty
XI Worker's Compensation
11.1 Rights and Responsibilities under Workers' Disability Compensation
11.2 Accident Report
XII. Moving Employees
XIII. Contracts
13.1 Faculty Contract  
  13.2 Staff Contract
XIV. Benefits
XV. Student Labor
15.1 Student Employment Handbook