The University website CMS (Content Management System) is a service that provides our clients with an easy-to-use web interface which separates content from presentation.  This allows website contributors throughout campus to update their web content without worrying about the technical details of creating, designing, and maintaining websites.

The CMS integrates consistent navigational structures, promotes University branding and creates a means for website content to be easily updated and maintained. The CMS is administered jointly by the Office of Integrated Marketing & Communication and Information Technology Services.

Who Can Use the CMS?

Any college, department, or administrative unit may use the CMS. To get started, fill out a request form to create your CMS website.  The system is not available for use by student organizations, or for personal or course websites. Course web developers are encouraged to use moodle, the university's online learning system.

Switching from one CMS to another

Why are we switching away from Collage?

In 2004, Andrews University purchased a content management system called Collage from Merant (now known as Serena). Since its purchase, the CMS has been used extensively to power most of the Andrews website. in 2008, Serena decided to discontinue development and sales of Collage, forcing us to look for a new solution.

Serena Collage also has a number of issues that, in recent years, have become problematic for content editors. Collage requires Windows running Internet Explorer, Java, and a number of custom settings to run correctly.

What’s next?  The New University CMS

We are excited to announce that, in collaboration with Information Technology Services, we have developed our own in-house CMS, ensuring its long-term usability and providing greater flexibility to implement solutions to the unique needs of our campus.  

Migration of current Collage CMS websites has begun and completion is expected by July 2011.