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2013-2014 At a Glance

Bringing in the Next Generation of Researchers –We continue to include students at Loma Linda University and Andrews University in our research projects, providing them data for their research and publications. These individuals are indicated by * next to the names of alumni or current students.


Curriculum for Health Behavior Risk Reduction –The IPA is committed to developing prevention curricula and integrating our research into educational curricula:

  • We conducted an annual Summer School of Addictions – in 2014, it was integrated into the session we organized in Geneva and we hope to be a part of Health Ministries presentations at the General Conference session.
  • Gary Hopkins also been working with Dr. Fred Hardinge at the request of Dr. Landless on producing blogs for the Internet site
  • The move of Griggs University to Andrews University has provided us the opportunity to initiate the development of on-line courses in addictions and health risk behavior prevention, and an introduction to public health (being developed by Dr. Hopkins, McBride).
  • We are working with the Master’s program in Social Work (which Baltazar directs in Social Work Department, Chaired by VanderWaal) and the Master’s program in Community and International Development (in the Behavioral Sciences Department, Chaired by McBride) to integrate youth risk prevention programs into community (and community evaluation) programs and development efforts (development is severely damaged if youth are engaged in high risk behaviors that result in HIV infection or addictions).
  • We are working with the new School of Health Professions to develop curriculum on health behaviors risk reduction as a part of the undergraduate public health major.


Major Research Activities of 2013/2014:

  • North American Division Pastor Family Stress Study –Completed major project on Pastor Family Stressors for North American Division (Sedlacek, McBride, Baltazar,Oliver, Thompson, Chelbegean, & Hopkins) –The Finale report provided to Family Ministries at GC/NAD and major findings was presented at Adventist Human-Subjects Association meeting in November of 2013 at G.C. headquarters
  • Program Evaluation for United Way of Southwest Michigan  –Collected and analyzed data and wrote four evaluation reports on volunteer activities, early education programs, a health and fitness program, and a welfare-to-work program, all sponsored by the United Way of Southwest Michigan. (VanderWaal & Baltazar
  • State of the Church Survey – Conducted a survey for the North American Division on leaders perception of key issues that face the NAD (McBride & Bailey).


Research Reports for the Church and the Community –In the last year as noted in the Activities Report we have conducted evaluations and produced reports for United Way, the North American Division and a policy report on the legalization of Marijuana for the IPA Board.


Presentations at Major Scientific Conferences –A key part of our mission is to present our primary research at major scientific conferences. Highlights of the last year include:

  • Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters, February, 2014 (2 presentations by students using data from IPA projects; one presentation won an Emerging Scholar Award (Michael VanderWaal, mentored by McBride)
  • American Public Health Association, Boston, Massachusetts, November, 2013 (2 presentations)
  • American Public Health Associations, New Orleans, November of 2014 (2 presentations – 1 by a student researcher, Subira Brown, who won an award for her research mentored by McBride)


Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals –We achieved these goals in 2013/2014 through publications in major scientific, professional, and peer reviewed journals and books covering a wide variety of disciplines from criminology, substance abuse, social science, health policy, and legal journals.  These journals include:

  • Crime and Delinquency
  • Handbook of Drugs and Society
  • Journal of Adventist Education on Substance Abuse
  • Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse
  • Journal of Policy Practice
  • Ministry Magazine
  • Montana Lawyer
  • The Advocate
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